Monday, April 23, 2012

The 1st step to living small, but BIG: move into something smaller!

There is a point in life that many people reach, a phase of change involving the desire to create your OWN space, your OWN sanctuary, your OWN... home.

I've hit this phase and acted on my needs. My new home awaits me, over 4,000 miles away in Los Angeles, California. In a few days, I will be flying to Los Angeles, and DRIVING this new home back to Alaska, where it will become my FULL-TIME living quarters. Wow, I never thought I would purchase an RV, let alone become a full-time RV'er, but here I am... and everywhere I will be.

My new home is actually EXTREMELY rare among RVs.  It is a 1989 Toyota Odyssey 4x4.  Essentially, it is a 4-wheel drive Toyota pickup truck with a STELLAR house attached to its chassis.  In fact, only 6 of these motorhomes were ever built! I feel lucky to have come across this beast, and it only seems fit to celebrate this vehicle's unique existence with a blog!

Theoretically, my story is not unique. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of people have lived out this full-time RVing endeavor well before my time. However, I have one element that justifies this blog... I'm going to be living in an RV full-time, year-round in Alaska. That's right, when all of the other RV's are heading south to chase temperatures above 32 degrees F, I will be documenting my adventures and hardships throughout the Alaskan winter.

At the very least, this blog will act as a source of entertainment, information, tips, and humor for living the "hard life" on the road:^) Ha! How hard could it be...gulp...


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  2. Timmy J.! What a stellar life move you are making here! I hope Timmy's Toyota brings you many great adventures and many "Rocking Chair Memories" as Pops would say! One day, me, Jason, Jack, and Emma will have to go cruising around in that thing! Love you and see you soon!

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  4. Hi Lissa,
    Just noticed your message! I've got a video on the wood stove install at the top of the main blog home page...

  5. Wassup man
    Big ups to your story and just bought myself the same RV as you. Will be converting it from 2wd to 4wd soon. I'm in WA and would be honored to see this inspiration in person when ever your passing through. Safe travels. Mahalos

  6. No wasted space with an extended cab design: Check.
    No wasted space because they got rid of the truck box: Check.
    4 wheel drive: Check
    Full width allowable: Check (I think its the maximum width).
    Toyota quality: Check.

    So good.

  7. Wouldn't it be great if more truck camper manufacturers made products to install on a truck without the box? They would be so much bigger. Sure it would be harder but it could be done. You'd have so much more space. Add a huge slide with a support to the ground (yeah I know - its unorthodox) and POOF! - more space. If people didn't conform so much mobile living could be so much better. I love the wood stove idea. You're in the bush, no electricity (and who would use up computer power for heat!) and surrounded by fallen, dead trees. Its just a perfect solution. Now what we need is designs that take up much less room. I propose lighting a fire underneath the floor. There: Radiant heating and no wasted space inside. :)

  8. Hey John I just purchased a 1990 2 wheel drive, I'd like to email you some questions...