Monday, July 23, 2012

The Kimberly wood stove: Features & Burn Display

I have been getting a lot of recent email regarding the small Kimberly wood stove.  It inspired me to produce a video on the stove features and capture an example of how the stove's secondary combustion burn actually works.  This is the only stove in the world that can do what it does (burn 8 hours on a sawdust log OR 6 hours on 5lbs of quality, dry hardwood, provide a 1,100 degree cooking surface & oven, produce electricity, and produce hot water... all completely off-grid!  If you are interested in purchasing this stove, or for more information, click "Information on Purchasing a Kimberly wood stove."



Monday, July 16, 2012

Rock & Roll, literally... How much weight can a small RV hold?

This weekend the little Toyota motor home was REALLY put to the test... The mission:

Load 6 grown men, 6 kayaks, & a ton of gear into a 19 ft. motor home, then make a 500 mile drive to a whitewater kayaking festival in Denali National Park.

   Did we make it? Yes, but almost didn't when I found a roofing nail in my near-flat rear passenger tire)!  Once we loaded all the people and gear into the RV, I did a test swerve on a back road going about 45 mph.  Whoa.  If any animals run out in front of us, I wish them luck, cause I DEFINITELY am not going to swerve around anything.  We managed to putter along at 45-55 mph all the way to & from Denali Park!

   I would estimate that we had about 1,500 lbs of gear, boats, and people added, with about 500 lbs of that on the roof made of 1 inch stick framing.  Yipes... BUT, the Toyota motor home proved to be a champ and carry the weight just fine.  We stopped often & used our hands to feel the tires for excessive heat, as well as the axle bearings.
   The kayak race on the Nenana River (the 37th annual Nenana River Race) was a great time! I still have sore muscles where I did not know muscles existed.

   Recent updates to my "home" include a hickory hardwood floor (the floor wasn't too difficult to install, just a little time consuming) and a new garden, free of lettuce-eating aphids.  It should be about time for my first motorhome-grown salad within the next week:^)

Until the next adventure...
      - Timmy

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Restore your Toyota motor home...

Hi everyone.  I recently put together a "How-to" guide on restoring water damage in your Toyota motorhome.  It would probably be helpful for any motor home water damage fix.  Here's the link (the link is also on my home page at the top "link" section)...

Also, here's a video:

1st Descent of Grant Creek

So, Matt Peters and I went in to attempt a first descent of Grant Creek, just outside of Moose Pass, Alaska.  It turned out to be an EPIC! We expected to hike in 1 mile, run 2 rapids, and float out a mellow little creek.  Instead, we got lost in the woods, Matt lost his helmet (and ran the creek without a helmet), there were WAY more than 2 rapids and they weren't mellow at all, amongst other shenanigans.  Here's the video (it was a quick edit job, so don't expect anything too motion picture like!)