Monday, July 16, 2012

Rock & Roll, literally... How much weight can a small RV hold?

This weekend the little Toyota motor home was REALLY put to the test... The mission:

Load 6 grown men, 6 kayaks, & a ton of gear into a 19 ft. motor home, then make a 500 mile drive to a whitewater kayaking festival in Denali National Park.

   Did we make it? Yes, but almost didn't when I found a roofing nail in my near-flat rear passenger tire)!  Once we loaded all the people and gear into the RV, I did a test swerve on a back road going about 45 mph.  Whoa.  If any animals run out in front of us, I wish them luck, cause I DEFINITELY am not going to swerve around anything.  We managed to putter along at 45-55 mph all the way to & from Denali Park!

   I would estimate that we had about 1,500 lbs of gear, boats, and people added, with about 500 lbs of that on the roof made of 1 inch stick framing.  Yipes... BUT, the Toyota motor home proved to be a champ and carry the weight just fine.  We stopped often & used our hands to feel the tires for excessive heat, as well as the axle bearings.
   The kayak race on the Nenana River (the 37th annual Nenana River Race) was a great time! I still have sore muscles where I did not know muscles existed.

   Recent updates to my "home" include a hickory hardwood floor (the floor wasn't too difficult to install, just a little time consuming) and a new garden, free of lettuce-eating aphids.  It should be about time for my first motorhome-grown salad within the next week:^)

Until the next adventure...
      - Timmy

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  1. Hey Timmy, I purchased a 90 Toyota Warrior RV About 3 Months ago, My lease has ended and was trying to decide whether to keep renting in NYC or move into my RV and travel the US, after coming across your blog it helped me make the decision to move into the RV so starting August 1st I will be living in it full time. It's nice to see a fellow 20 something living the Good, Free Life. It's def. one of those things where you either get it or you don't. Glad to see I'm not alone. Keep on bloggin' man- spread the word!