Monday, July 23, 2012

The Kimberly wood stove: Features & Burn Display

I have been getting a lot of recent email regarding the small Kimberly wood stove.  It inspired me to produce a video on the stove features and capture an example of how the stove's secondary combustion burn actually works.  This is the only stove in the world that can do what it does (burn 8 hours on a sawdust log OR 6 hours on 5lbs of quality, dry hardwood, provide a 1,100 degree cooking surface & oven, produce electricity, and produce hot water... all completely off-grid!  If you are interested in purchasing this stove, or for more information, click "Information on Purchasing a Kimberly wood stove."




  1. Hey Tim, ran across this awesome blog last night while researching toyota motorhomes. I currently have a 1984 Dolphin, not 4x4 unfortunely, but it´s a great machine. Took us on an 8,000 mile trip along the Northwest Coast surfing and kiting without missing a beat. I live in Michigan and we do a lot of traveling around the great lakes surfing and kitesurfing. The Kimberly Wood Stove looks amazing, I´ve heard of people putting small woodstoves in cargo vans before, but your video is really shows it from the toyota perspective! Most of our wind and waves occur in the fall, early winter, and spring so having a heat source is pretty important! Thanks for the posts, I´ll stay tuned. Check out my blog when your chillin some night in the RV.

  2. Thanks for the compliments Ben! Sounds like you know how much fun it is to be on the road, now if I could only figure the money part out! The Kimberly is pretty awesome. I'm currently testing ways to use it in the RV while driving (having a fire going while driving down the highway, that way you can move the car and not have to put the fire out). I think I've just about got it dialed with a new chimney cap. I liked your blog a lot! You guys are really getting after it down there. I kite ski in winter a bit, but mainly speed fly. Never tried kiting on the water, but definitely will one day. Look me up if you ever come up this way.