Information/Purchase the KIMBERLY Wood Stove!

Here is a video showing the stove features & the unique secondary burn...

If you have any questions OR would like to purchase a Kimberly wood stove for your RV, home, cabin, or boat, please contact me directly at

or call/text: (nine-zero-seven) 242-5950

  I can answer any questions you have about the Kimberly and help you decide if the Kimberly is right for you.  I personally own one of these stoves, and use it as my SOLE source of heat throughout the Alaskan winters, and I can attest to how well the stove functions!  From personal experience, you won't find a higher quality, more efficient, more attractive, or more functional wood stove anywhere on the planet.  How many times do you buy a wood stove in your life time?  Make it just one time with the Kimberly stove.

I saved well over $1,500 in propane bills last winter by using my Kimberly stove as my sole source of heat.  I've used a lot of wood stoves, and this is the most efficient stove yet (I only burned 1 cord of wood all of last winter in Alaska!).  This Kimberly will not only save you THOUSANDS of dollars in heating bills over the years, it could literally save you and your family's lives if the grid were to shut down (for example, the large hurricane-driven storms we've been seeing more & more often that shut entire cities down for days to weeks).  You will be the only person in your neighborhood that still has a means of heating their home, cooking meals, and producing their own electricity... completely priceless if the grid ever fails.

See the brochure below for specs on the Kimberly.

For further information, reviews, and stats on the Kimberly stove, please visit

Roger & Bridget Lehet are the founders of the Kimberly stove & Unforgettable Fire LLC.  This website has detailed information on the Kimberly with lots of pictures of different applications.  If you decide you would like to purchase a Kimberly, contact me (Timmy) at

Here is a video of the owner Roger Lehet answering questions about the Kimberly stove:

Here is a video of the Kimberly stove producing enough electricity to run a vacuum cleaner!

     - Timmy


  1. Seems like a great product! I'm looking to move out to Alaska here sometime soon, and this would make a great addition to my camper!

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  5. Very nice compact heater/stove

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  7. & stories on living full-time in a small RV, completely off-grid, in Alaska...

  8. onally own one of these stoves, and use it as my SOLE source of heat ...

  9. it's a beautiful stove I want one but it cost $ 4 thousand US DOLLARS!!! and I'm not independently wealthy enough for that! no disrespect just jealous I wish I could afford the stove

  10. it´s too much expensive !!!!! max 1000 dollars could be right price !!!!!!