Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Zealand Whitewater Kayaking: 4 Alaskan's head south...

 Well, I'm on my way home.  It's been an incredible journey across the world to some of the best whitewater kayaking on the planet.  The floods sure keep changing the rivers down here, every time I come down here it's like doing a first descent on each river.  Here's a short video compilation of our trip.  More blog updates soon!!!


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  1. Hey--looks like you and I have the same rig (heard from Tika there were only 8 of them made)--I've got a 1991 Odyssey 4x4 sans Kimberly:) We've been all over the US with ours and plan to take it down to Cabo this summer. I love what you've done with yours and would love to chat sometime so I can get some insights on some things I want to do to mine.