Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doing things the right way... the FIRST time!

      So, I had this zany thought... when you build something, why not build it the CORRECT way, the FIRST time around... so I did!  I want my new home to be as "off-grid" or "self-sufficient" as possible, where I can create my own heat, electricity, hot water, and cook without power from "the man."  Here is my new & improved home:

and another one:

and my prized interior possession:

      I'm on my way back towards Alaska at the moment, currently in Vancouver, BC.  The last 2 weeks have been consumed with pouring all of my energy into my new home, and I think it is turning out to be pretty rad!  Once I have a little more time, I'm going to be posting a "How-To" guide for all of the modifications I have made to this little Toyota motorhome.  Here's a list of modifications I've performed:

* Install a Kimberly wood burning stove!  A MOST EXCELLENT decision! If you are interested in this highly efficient and beautiful wood stove, I am a dealer... contact me directly or go to the Kimberly stove website and tell them that TIMMY SENT YOU!!!

* Install solar panels and a power inverter... my electricity comes from the sun!

* Install a custom made roof rack to carry whitewater kayaks and all of my gear for living "small, but big."

* Install a Badlands Basher front bumper and a good set of lights (in a potential, unfortunate scenario where my home might hit a moose, this will be a very good thing)

* Install a roof ladder, so I can actually access everything 10 ft. over my head.

     There you have it, that's all the eye-candy for now.  I'm currently in Whistler, British Columbia, where I plan on paddling a few steep creeks with the pack raft (or kayaking if I can find a hard-shell kayak).  Stay tuned for more adventure and a "How-To" section...

Timmy J.


  1. That wood stove is so neat! You need to be a rainwater harvesting system in that thing and you will be all "greened" out. :)

  2. Can you tell us more about your solar set up?

    1. Sure. I have two 30-watt solar panels. These are wired into a 10amp solar charge controller, which is wired directly into my 12v coach battery. My rig is a daily driver, so the alternator actually charges the coach battery every day. BUT, the solar panels keep the coach battery topped off on the days where I don't drive. I have yet to see the battery get below 1/2 capacity (it usually has a full charge, despite my use). I suspect I'll have less solar generation once the dark of winter hits, but for now, the solar panels work great! In the future, I'd like to add more solar panels to acheive 300 watts of power, but I'm running out of room on my roof!

  3. have you considered thermoelectric electricity generation from the kimberly?
    i'm currently in the initial stages of doing something very similar to what you have done, except mine will be a 1978 Empress A class 28 footer :)
    Planning to get the Kimberly and set up a snow-cooled radiator to a high temperature thermoelectric generator, which can easily power up to 600watts. Only limiter is the high price tag!

  4. How much is the stove??? My email is msdawnburton@gmail.com thanks

  5. Steve,

    Do you have more info or a blog regarding your build and the thermoelectric generator?