Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On road, off grid

I woke up to a friendly gesture on the hood of my rig.

       Well, I've now named the motorhome "Pittsburgh Nelly."  Never mind where I picked that one up, just thought it sounded right.  At this point, I've moved almost everything I own into this 19.5 ft. long area (thanks to craigslist for lightening my load).

     My most recent project was planting a small garden just above the couch.  This should serve as a means of veggies and herbs to counter my meat-eatin' habits, which will (after this summer) primarily come from salmon, caribou, moose, and ptarmigan (considering I have successful catches & hunts this summer & fall).  I suppose that's about as off grid as it gets for food options on the road.  I'm pretty psyched to have romaine & green leaf lettuce, onion chives, rosemary, basil, and dill within a few weeks.  No, I'm not going to eat the flowers, just thought the rig needed a bit more lively color.

What you see when you open the door

      With 19.5 ft of length to work with, I don't have a lot of roof space to stash everything I own... BUT I've somehow managed to squeeze it up there.  2 cargo boxes, 3 kayaks, 1 bike, 4 racks, 2 solar panels, a chimney for the wood stove, and an air conditioner that came with.  I'm half-way expecting all of this gear to fall on me when I'm kicking back on the couch one night.  Gulp.  You would think it would be overly top-heavy, but shockingly enough it's actually not too tippy (I have to tell myself that to justify keeping all my crap up there).

     I just accepted a job with the USGS (United States Geological Survey) as a hydrologist for the spring/summer/fall, so I'm pretty excited to be working outside on the rivers again!  Pretty cool have 2 kayaking buddies as a co-worker & boss too!  More soon enough...



  1. If you had one of these:


    You wouldn't need that gym membership. Might need to get a shallow pan (like a cat litter pan, unused of course)to stand in so the water doesn't go down into you grey tank and freeze. Paint half of it black in the summer and heat the water with the sun.

    Your kimberly stove looks....amazing.

  2. Looks cozy, I am guessing, you only use the fridge when your not using the stove due to there close proximity? Love the dog pic.